Our Goals – Our Principles

Our Goals

Our library, which takes "access to information instead of owning information resources" as its main priority, strives to achieve fast and effective access to existing information instead of creating a Collection consisting of millions of publications. It aims to acquire and present current collections of information resources of all types and formats, with its perfectionist and user-oriented service approach, knowledge and skill-equipped employees. We aim to run our business by making use of all the innovations brought by technology and the designs and ideas brought by the idea of the "Third Space Library".

Our Principles

Our library supports the education and research programs of Istanbul Kent University and acts as a driving force in research; tries to ensure that its users access the right information as soon as possible. Our library aims to meet all kinds of information and document needs of lecturers, students and employees, and to contribute to knowledge accumulation on a national and international scale. At the same time, it provides its services and opportunities to all institutions, organizations and individuals, helping the research and examination of the world of science and culture. It has undertaken the task of being one of the other points where information spreads in the city of Istanbul.