Donation Policy

Materials donated to our library are accepted and evaluated within the collection development policy. Our collection development policy is based on the educational, training and research objectives and priorities of our University. Materials that do not comply with the policy or are in the library collection are sent to another institution in need.

After the resources accepted as donations are cataloged according to the LC Classification System, they are placed on the shelf. Special place requests from donors or institutions are not accepted. The name of the person or organization donating the resource is written as the donor in the catalog record.

  1. Newspapers and publications given as promotions by newspapers are not accepted as donations.
  2. DVDs must be undamaged and original.
  3. Publications that are not physically clean, have torn and missing pages, written and scribbled publications are not acceptable.
  4. Lecture notes, photocopied publications, primary and high school textbooks are not acceptable.
  5. Çift nüsha olması halinde başka kurumlara bağış yapılması ile ilgili haklar Kütüphane ve Dokümantasyon Direktörlüğü’ne aittir.
  6. Donating persons and institutions cannot make any right or request regarding donations.